How to Choose Your Education

Complete the Next Level Lite Information Governance Assessment and Get Guidance on the Sessions to Attend

Be sure to use our new tool that can help you choose which education sessions to take part in. Free to full conference registrants, our new Next Level Lite Information Governance Assessment is a streamlined IG survey that identifies gaps in your program. After you register for conference, complete the brief survey that assesses your organization’s conformity with the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles, and we’ll then compile the results and recommend a list of the conference sessions that best address your organization’s gaps.

Education Threads

Conference education is divided into threads of content. Each thread includes content primarily relevant to the identified Principles.

  • Accountability & Compliance: Education centered on overseeing an IG program, ensuring appropriate individuals manage information, and adopting organizational policies and procedures to guide personnel and ensure program audits; as well as constructing and managing such programs to comply with applicable laws, binding authorities, and organizational policies.
  • Integrity & Transparency: Education centered on structuring IG and management programs to suitably guarantee authentic and reliable organizational information assets are generated and well-managed; as well as documenting organizational business processes and activities and making documentation available to personnel and stakeholders.
  • Availability & Protection: Education focused on maintaining information assets in a manner that ensures their timely, efficient, and accurate retrieval when needed; as well as protecting information assets that are private, confidential, privileged, secret, classified, essential to business, or that otherwise require protection.
  • Retention & Disposition: Education that addresses maintaining organizational information assets for an appropriate time, taking into account their legal, regulatory, fiscal, operational, and historical requirements; as well as securely and appropriately disposing of information assets no longer required to be maintained.

Skill Levels

Education sessions are generally slotted into one of our skill levels

  • Core: Education for those who are new to the profession; are in entry-level positions; or are practitioners from other disciplines and domains, such as IT, legal, compliance, and risk. You will acquire core principles and expand upon foundational knowledge and skills of information management.
  • Management: Education for seasoned practitioners who have some level of hands-on, prior experience; possess significant knowledge of information management practices and information governance concepts; manage or develop projects and staff; or possess extensive knowledge in other business domains. You will establish or expand upon the application of information management and governance principles to your operations or discipline.
  • Strategic: Education with a strategic focus for high-level experts, such as executives, senior business managers, legal counsel, technology architects, and compliance officers. You will be able to provide enterprise direction to management, information management staff, and end users with a focus on business strategy, change management, IG policies, collaborations, and partnerships.

Session Formats

  • Pre-conference Seminars: The sessions are half-day, one-day, or two-day programs that take place prior to conference, during the ARMA 2017 Designation Academy. They provide a unique opportunity for in-depth study of the latest topics in specialized fields related to RIM and IG. (Additional registration and fees are required.)
  • ARMA Flipped! Sessions: The flipped sessions consist of four practical web seminars with live text chat, SMEs, and solution providers in a virtual exhibit hall. Part one provides the content instruction in an online virtual conference on August 29, which you can attend from your home or office. Part two provides hands-on application of the online instruction in a follow-up, face-to-face workshop at the ARMA Live! 2017 conference. You must take part in the August 29 online virtual conference if you wish to participate in the ARMA Flipped! onsite workshops. Anyone with a full conference registration is automatically registered for ARMA Flipped!
  • Buzz Sessions: These interactive sessions consist of a moderator and subject matter experts who discuss with participants a topic from a variety of perspectives.
  • Learning Labs: Session leaders discuss a case study or novel approach to a problem, and they facilitate teamwork and collaboration among the participants in working towards solutions.
  • Rapid Fire Sessions: Learn a lot in a hurry! These sessions consist of 15 slides in 10-minute talks that are grouped under a related topic. Live audience polling in the two-minute break between each talk will test participants’ knowledge. The conversation continues with an informal Q & A afterwards.
  • Interactive Lectures: These sessions are more traditional, stand-and-deliver presentations, and they provide an opportunity for audience questions and polling.
  • Day Three Lunch-n-Learns: These three sessions are designed for full conference and day-three participants at each skill level: Core, Management, and Strategic. Participants can join their skill-level peers to develop leadership skills through interactive discussions and networking.
  • Industry Roundtables: Close out your conference experience by discussing the latest issues and solutions with other professionals in your industry.